Biocon Academy: An Advanced Learning Initiative by Biocon Ltd.

Biocon Academy leverages rich industry experience of Biocon and subject expertise of international Education Partners, such as Keck Graduate Institute, California, USA to deliver industry-oriented training programs to biotech students. The Programs offered here aim to empower the Biotechnology and engineering graduates with advanced learning and industrial proficiency through job-skills development essential to build a promising career in the Biotech industry.

The evolving science in the Biotech sector is leading to a demand for high-skilled jobs in India. However, a wide gap currently exists between the quality of human capital available and the needs of the industry. Through Biocon Academy we aim to address this talent deficit by developing Industry ready human capital for the Biopharma sector and enable global competitiveness of the sector.

If India is to emerge as a Bioeconomy by 2025, we will need to ensure that we have the right quality of talent in the country. The Biotech graduates in India need to be trained effectively to make them industry ready where they can partake in the journey of transforming India through the power of biotech.

As the leading Biotech Company, Biocon is in a position to lead the way in providing the Biotech industry, the best professionals with the right orientation and training. By collaborating with leading academic institutions globally to bring world class training programs for biotech students in India, Biocon Academy aims to become the Center of Excellence for Advanced Learning in Biosciences that leads the way in transforming the industry and the community.

Biocon-KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences is our flagship program in collaboration with the Keck Graduate Institute in Claremont, California, which is the premier American professional school for Bioscience education. Through this program we aim to offer a world-class learning opportunity in Biosciences for the Biotechnology and Engineering graduates which will enhance their proficiency and will enable them to pursue a rewarding career in the Biotech sector. Continuing our commitment to affordability and greater access, we are happy to extend a scholarship of 75% of the program fee to all the students who make it through the rigorous selection process.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
Chief Mentor, Biocon Academy

Our Vision

To become a recognized center for advanced learning in Biosciences that will provide the required proficiency for enhanced career prospects for Biotechnology and Engineering graduates.

Our Mission

To train and develop Industry ready talent for the Biopharma sector to enable global competitiveness.

Our Values

  • Empower Engineering & Bioscience graduates with basic industrial proficiency to enhance their career prospects in the Biopharma sector
  • Leverage the India advantage to develop industry ready biotechnologists who partake in the journey of unlocking the potential of the Biotech sector
  • Persevere to develop the spirit of scientific experimentation, research and innovation in the aspiring students
  • Innovate to find sustainable solutions by leveraging Biotechnology, for human healthcare and life
  • Connect industry and academia to maximize the opportunities for aspiring biotechnologists in the industry
  • Transform the face of Biotech industry by developing proficient talent that addresses the issue of skill deficit of the Biotech sector

About Keck Graduate Institute

Founded in 1997, KGI, a member of the Claremont College Consortium, Southern California, USA, is the only American graduate institution dedicated exclusively to Bioscience education and discovery. It is recognized worldwide for its premier Professional Science Masters program which is rated amongst top 10 of US.

To translate new discoveries into applications that improve the human condition, the industry demands a new kind of professional – scientifically proficient and managerially savvy. The Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences (KGI) has responded to this challenge with a pioneering class of professional programs to educate individuals who want to shape the future of the life sciences. Experts at KGI have worked closely with Biocon Academy team to design a contemporary industry-oriented course curriculum for the Biocon-KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences.

Preparing Future Generation of Industry Leaders

Transforming conventional boundaries between the academic and the corporate world, the degree and research programs of KGI are focused on unique and specific demands of the biosciences industry, drawing widely on the guidance of a world-class advisory council that includes experts from the biotech industry, science, and academia.

About BITS Pilani

The Birla Institute of Technology & Science, BITS Pilani is an all-India Institute for higher education. The primary motive of BITS is to “train young men and women able and eager to create and put into action such ideas, methods, techniques and information”.

Microbiological Quality is one of the Critical Quality Parameter (CQP) of industrial biotechnology, pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage manufacturing and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) industries. It comprises of critical components viz. Checking quality of raw material, in-process material, utilities, environment personal and Quality Control of finished products, thereby finding application in varied industries such as Biopharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, vitro diagnostic (IVD) , Pharmaceuticals, Food Production & Safety, Testing Laboratories, Bio-agriculture, Bio-industrial, Contract Research etc.

Essentially, the trained microbiologists plays a very important role in different industries and thus, offers immense career opportunities in research and development and in the manufacturing processes of Biomolecules, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and other industrial segments of relevance.

With a customised curriculum, modules encompass vast topics like Environmental Monitoring, Process Monitoring from GMP perspective, Food and Diagnostic microbiology etc. This course is aimed at providing high end, specific training to the microbiologists, biotechnologists and pharmacists, to make them readily employable and reduce the time taken by the industry to train them on these applications.