The Lilliputian Among Medicines Does Abracadabra!

The Lilliputian I mentioned here is the nanomaterials in modern medicine. They’re indeed Lilliput as they exist in nanoscale i.e. 10-9, in all the dimensions. The application of nanotechnology in medicine is termed nanomedicine and is proposed to be used in the diagnosis, control, prevention, and treatment of diseases. As the Lilliput, they were also … Continue reading The Lilliputian Among Medicines Does Abracadabra!

Nano Cuisine

The two best things I love in my life are food and travelling. Both are inter-related to me, either I travel to taste a special food, or I eat whatever I get in travelling. The love for my food started after I discovered my special ability to being slim even after finishing a huge meal. … Continue reading Nano Cuisine