“Safe and secured we are
Sheltered from the womb to death;
All that offered by none other than a mother, sister & wife
Altogether a woman and always a woman.

Sacrificing her life does she secure ours
Never does she complain or curse;
Whether she is esteemed ever
By family or society? I wonder!

Being waged and active too always;
How then she exhibits a calm and quiet face?
Each phase of her life is troublesome;
Then too she stays determined and firm.

Newborn entity cherished;
Teenager life’s a landmark;
Growing up with all tears and fear;
She blooms with it each year.

The cheerful phase of her life is now-here;
Esteemed and honored anywhere and everywhere.
Proud is the word for her;
Time for women to conquer.

When going through torment,
Let her turn wise and brave to present.
The burning desire to burn the evils;
Be given life to Mother Nature to reveal.”



Written by: Nandini Muthuvelan, Biocon KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences, Batch 16

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