It is a great pleasure to share my  observations, lessons and tips on how to transform your career at Biocon Academy. I started my Certificate Program in Biosciences in January 2016. A large part of this course is focused on personal development like knowing yourself better as a person and a professional. Along with other professional skill development sessions, it also had mentoring sessions to make us industry ready. The mentoring sessions were mostly for understanding our strengths and weaknesses as a Biocon Academy student.

One such astonishing session was conducted by Mr. Amitava Saha, Sr. VP and Head of HR of Biocon Ltd. Recently, he was awarded The Most Influential HR Leaders in India Award at The World HRD Congress.

From the moment we joined Biocon Academy, many questions were rendering in our minds. Few of them were what kind of treatment we should expect from Industry after completion of this course? What will be Industry’s expectation from Biocon Academy students? And what are benefits of being a Biocon Academy student during recruitment process? And to find the answers to these questions, a mentoring session from a senior HR person was much needed.

Mr. Amitava Saha has rich professional experience in the Human Resource space across geographies covering Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement and related areas of Employee Life Cycle in leadership positions in companies like Firstsource Solutions, Mashreq Bank, Accenture and Infosys.  As expected, Mr. Amitava Saha answered all these questions and cleared our doubts.

And to answer our questions, Mr. Amitava started the session with question itself. He asked “What are your expectations from employers?” And we were ready with list of expectations. Job security, respectful treatment of all employees at all levels, Trust between employees and senior management, Overall benefits and compensation, flexible working hours were few of them. Mr. Amitava Saha made us realized that we should also think about from employer’s perspective and their expectations from us.

We never had thought about our responsibilities as a Biocon Academy student would be to fulfill these expectations? All human relationships, including those of employers and employees, involve expectations. And when expectations are not met, conflicts tend to occur. When we join a new job, we should be aware of what our employer expects of us. The very first thing they’ll expect is we should approach the job with an open mind so that we can quickly learn what we need to do it well. They will expect us to be reliable. Arrive at work on time and don’t leave until our shift is over. Our employers will expect us to be honest, to conduct ourselves professionally, and to dress appropriately for the position.

If we want to make an excellent impression, we should try to cultivate a cheerful and flexible attitude. Things are often more complicated in reality than they appear on paper. So the company’s official organizational chart might not be sufficient to describe everything that actually needs to get done. If we display resentment when asked to do something outside of our comfort zone, our employer might be disappointed. Being a Biocon academy student, we will get conversancy with professional environment at Biocon itself. As it includes insight into all departments of Biopharmaceutical, many times we will feel we are outside of our comfort zone. Some of the best faculties and mentors in Biocon academy will help us understand the whole scenario and ways to tackle these situations. Academy’s and our own sustained effort will help us to acquire these qualities such as multitasking and time management. So, being a Biocon Academy student and having industrial exposure, employers expects more from us. In short, excellence is what employers look for from Biocon Academy Students.

So when we enter into the Industry as a Biocon Academy student, along with our reputation, Biocon academy’s reputation is also at stake. So to summarize this I would say, Mr. Amitava gave us a sneak peak of what is ahead in a couple of days, which was very useful. Finally, the take away message from his session was how to manifest our ‘best version’ as a Biocon Academy student in order to maintain Biocon Academy’s stature and be deft professionals.









Written by: Prajakta Khadsare, Batch 6 of Biocon – KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences 

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