Biocon Academy the place where dreams come true, value of learning enhances, skills develop and a raw stone is sculptured into a diamond, ready to shine in the world and ready to face any sort of task.

My first day at Biocon Academy was the same experience as my first day at school, college or any new place; full of excitement, nervousness, butterflies in stomach, scene of happiness that I am one of the lucky students to be part of such a great academy. I had a lot of questions as to how will my fellow classmates be? Will I be able to adjust to this whole new environment? Will I be able to make good friends? And the answers to all my questions were positive.

The day started with the orientation where we were introduced to the faculty, both in India and California and our Malaysian friends who are also part of students of Biocon Academy. We were also introduced to our alumni followed by award distribution to some of the deserving employees who are experts in their domain. Introduction was followed by photo session, document verification and a brief introduction to what we will be doing for the following four months.

Post lunch we were introduced to our soft skills instructor who made us introduce ourselves, and conducted an ice breaking session on the topic of success and motivation.

To wrap it all up, the first day of my journey at Biocon Academy was a fun filled memorable day of my life, assuring me that my decision to join Biocon Academy is worth it and I hope the best to come for me in future.







Written by: Likitha, Batch VII of Biocon KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences 


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