When I came back from Sweden, I was filled with a lot of emotions and dilemma in mind, foreseeing my future in Biocon Academy. Even though, I completed my studies in one of the prestigious universities in the world (Uppsala University, Sweden), I was a bit hesitant to start my career in industry leaving the academia. But to my surprise, I never felt like it as a course module. It was more like a learning experience while working cordially with my colleagues. I felt like this course was designed to international standards, which allowed me to develop great rapport with my faculty as well as colleagues. It created a great opportunity to discuss our abilities, strength, ways to overcome our weakness that lead to emphasize our communication skills. After my first day in Biocon Academy, I was really excited and enthusiastic about my future. I perceived this opportunity as a significant advancement in my career.

I believe that training in this company can be a good platform to show my full potential along with my skills and knowledge. The communication with my faculty over here gave me immense confidence, which enabled me to distinguish myself as a proficient and motivated trainee. I’m sure that I will be benefited from an exceptional mix of guidance, experience, expertise, and professionalism from this course module. I can say that it will change my perception towards problem solving and my way of thinking. I should say, I’m really lucky to get this golden opportunity and I want to thank my friends, colleagues and faculty for their continuous and unraveling support.






Written by: Charan, Batch VII of Biocon KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences 


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