The course content of Biocon-KGI certificate program is customized to ensure that aspiring bio-technologists are trained in academics and have the necessary industry exposure which increase their employability in the ever evolving biotech industry. An integral part of this program are the well planned functional visits to State-of-art Labs at Biocon and to some of the best Institutes in Bangalore that provide an in-depth understanding of Research & Development processes.

One such functional visit was planned to IBAB – The Institute for Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology. IBAB is a well-recognised institute for education, research and entrepreneurship in Bioinformatics & Biotechnology set up with an objective of training students in the most recent advances in academia and industry by faculty from top notch institutes.  At IBAB, we interacted with Dr. S.S. Shivakumara who presented the concepts of Gel electrophoresis, Polymerase Chain Reaction, Recombinant DNA technology in an extremely unassuming manner. The session conducted by him focussed on revisiting our basics, performing experiments and analysing their results facilitating the hands on application of these concepts in future.


Dr. S.S. Shivakumara is an extremely knowledgeable and an erudite professor, his teaching methodology got us motivated and excited to challenge ourselves to perform better during our interactions with him. This session was followed by an interesting guest lecture on understanding the principles and functioning of a fermenter, by Mr. Nagasairam, a scientist from String Bio. During this session, Mr. Nagasairam elaborated on procedures to assemble and disassemble a fermenter and also explained the various operations involved in setting up the fermenter.

The sessions at IBAB led me to ponder that how sometimes our assumptions of knowing it all can be far from real in an industrial set-up when experiments are conducted on large scale. Our IBAB visit reinstated my faith in the beauty of science, which never fails to intrigue me. It was a wonderful experience and the insights and wealth of knowledge gained is going to be immensely helpful for all of us.

I would like to extend enormous gratitude towards Biocon Academy, IBAB and Dr. Shivakumara for nurturing young minds like ours into becoming resilient and confident professionals of the ever evolving Biosciences Industry through their efforts.





Written by: Nazmi Rafique, Biocon KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences

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