As the wise man said, “It is the experience that matters”. This statement holds good in the case of my experience at Biocon Academy, which has been at the phenomenal, to say the least.

The holistic approach of the program format consists of classroom sessions on variety of topics coupled with functional visits to State-of-the-art Labs at Biocon facilities to enable correlation between academic concepts and their applications in the industry set-up. Every industry visit comprises of training sessions to various departments in Biocon wherein the entire batch is divided in several teams, which are further split between Biocon Park and Biocon Campus. These visits are scheduled in the second half of the program session and continue till the end of the day. Each team gets to spend about six days in each department to gain an insight on the overall functioning of these departments.


Industrial visits

As of now, we have completed our visits to the Regulatory Affairs (RA), Quality Control-Microbiology and Quality Control-Analytical departments. Our first visit to the Regulatory Affairs department in Biocon Campus, was enriching as we were enlightened by a host of topics like APIs, NRA, NDA, ANDA, CTD and IPR. This was followed by Quality Control-Microbiology Labs at Biocon Park where we learnt about the inoculum development and fermentation production area as well as learnt about the environment, water and product sterility testing.

We were enthralled to see the water sources at Biocon Park. It was interesting to watch the constant power that is put in round the clock to control the microbiological content at a number of levels. Subsequently, we were taken to the Quality Control-Analytical department at Biocon Park. This department is equipped with large number of analytical instruments and equipment’s. We were enlightened by theory classes in which we were taught about qualification of design, installation, operation and different processes. We also attended live demonstration of Gas Chromatography and HPLC. In addition to that, we were shown cold rooms where stability testing samples and reserve samples are maintained.

The overall experience to each of these departments provided us with an in-depth understanding of their work-flow and the technical know-how of the procedures performed by these functions in a Bio-pharma organization. The tea-breaks during these visits were particularly refreshing as we spent time chatting in the canteen and walking around the lush Biocon Park facility while sipping the tea.

The functional visits have been an integral and informative experience and we are excited to visit and explore the rest of the facilities in the coming weeks.

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Written by: Avika Roy, Biocon KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences

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