The journey at Biocon academy has been marvellous, overwhelming and a great learning experience. It’s hard to believe that this exciting journey which started a few months ago is nearing its completion. Currently, we are in the last leg of our program completion, and a mixed bag of emotions surrounds each one of us. The anxiety and joy of being recruited in one of the leading bio-pharmaceutical Companies coupled with the sadness of bidding adieu to wonderful Academic Institution – Biocon Academy which helped us create some of the fond memories.

True to its commitment Biocon academy has shaped our lives by Adding value, Enhancing skills enabling us to take on the challenges of the ever evolving Biotech Industry. The systematically designed modules on professional skills development have honed our soft skills. While the SME (Subject Matter Experts) sessions have helped us identify our core strengths in different areas of a Bio-pharmaceutical Industry and thus eased our decision of making the appropriate career choices.

To boost our preparations further we had an insightful session with Dr.Arun Chadavarkar – CEO & Jt.MD, BIOCON Ltd which opened our minds to the world of opportunities posed by the Biotech sector.


Dr.Arun who holds a doctorate from MIT and graduate topper from IIT Bombay, is an extremely humble and grounded human being. It was an absolute delight to gain insights and establish a profound understanding of Bio-pharma Industry from Dr.Arun whose mantra of life is “Simple Living and High Thinking”.

Talking about his rich experience in Biocon which spans across 25 years he explained how Biocon survived the odds and reached the pedestal. The journey from protocol follower to a protocol writer, a leader undertakes a great deal of passionate effort in making every task into an exciting learning opportunity. The key take away from his talk was “It’s not the price, but the value of the product which counts while making a good quality product”.

He elaborated on the importance of learning and being passionate about work and said “Learning should be approach of gaining a thorough understanding of concepts. Adding Value is the key. Do not chase compensation. Once you add value, monetary reward shall follow.”

He gave example of regulatory strategy where getting approval with abbreviated pathway played a crucial role and also explained the technical aspect of supply chain management which involves great understanding regarding Quality, Reliability, Stability and Intellectual Property of the vendors supplying raw materials.

He also spoke about the pedigree of careers which includes importance of formal education in early career and professional experience in the later stage. Emphasizing on the skills required to build a strong professional career he mentioned that is imperative to acquire domain knowledge for technical roles and general knowledge for administrative roles. He detailed out the traits which are looked upon while hiring people in Biocon, some of them are being well informed, well read, approach to work, team work, integrity analysis under GMP situation which all sums up to meet the Vision laid by honorable CMD of Biocon Ltd., Ms.KiranMazumdar-Shaw, which aims to manufacture globally renowned Indian drugs which are accessible and affordable. He concluded his talk stating that innovation is crucial to translate this vision into a business goal.






Written by: Shambhavi Sharma, Biocon-KGI Certificate program in Biosciences.

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