The first day of anything new is always filled with excitement and eager anticipation as to how the day might unfold. Looking around at the smiles, the first glances, the thrill that one feels while meeting a rush of new faces all at once, just filled us up with an immense burst of adrenaline. But as the days rolled by and we got to know each other better, it felt right and blessed to be surrounded with people all eager to go down the same path.

We may all be from different walks of life, from different places and speak different languages, but what binds us together is not just four months of intensive training and comprehensive learning, but something more, something that we all, at Biocon Academy feel within ourselves, which is, the spirit of adventure, the thirst for trying out something new, walking down an untrodden path, being the ‘pioneers’ – the first of our kind.

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Are we thrilled? Yes we are. Curious, as to what happens next? Yes.  Scared? Well yes, that too. But when all these feelings are amalgamated, it gives rise to an incredible urge to push forward and to see what lies in the days ahead. As any explorer of yore, we too have taken the first steps of courage, chartering into a world of possibilities. The future can be what we make it to be. Not everything is kismet, what we think today, we become tomorrow.

Each day brings with it the joys of a new adventure and we all look forward to it. Just like a curious kitten, we poke around the yarn of learning and learn something that we did not know about before. This thirst for knowledge is what keeps us pushing ahead and we love every moment of it.

In our quest, we are the ship and every ship needs an able and brave crew that keeps the ship guided on the right compass path, and that crew are our guides, mentors and various other people who work behind the scenes to keep the ship afloat.

The waters ahead are blue, filled with immense possibilities and surprises, but when all hands are on deck, we have nothing to fear, we shall set sail and explore the seas ahead.








Written by: Yunoal D’souza, Biocon-KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences.

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