This morning I woke up in a new place ready to take up a new challenge and ready to join the Biocon Academy for their certificate course in biosciences.

What was I expecting?

A day filled with nervousness, meeting new people, striking conversations, introducing myself over and over again, understanding the curriculum of the course and asking if I was ready for this extensive training program. Basically a whole bunch of questions.

Was it as I expected?

Not really. It was much more.

The day started off with about an hour to interact and understand the general essence of the group of people. We had various backgrounds and various different cultures mingling together. After refreshments, our orientation began with a lot of introductions of all the major people involved in the Biocon Academy as well as from KGI.

Then we were welcomed by Ms. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. My mind was open to receiving every word she had to say and my body felt like it was in deep meditation. She started off with explaining the aim of this course, its need for the current pool of graduates and the desired outcome of the program i.e. to make students industry ready. She explained what inspires her about life sciences and these natural machines that have interrelated parts and systems. We as scientists aim at deciphering these codes and using them for the betterment of our society. She put her thoughts in such clear language and decoded the confusion in every biotech graduates mind in the best possible manner. We graduates are at a cross road in life where we question our choices of being in this field. Her entire speech has placed all my goals back on track.

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What were my emotions after this speech?

I felt inspired to take on this course and this world and to make a mark in this society.

This session was ended with a few more introductions and congratulations.

Then Seema Ahuja who gave us an overview of the market aspects of Biocon and the main aim of this academy addressed us. This moment is when I felt thankful and privileged to be able to attend such a course and learn from some of the best industry experts from the Industry.

The session also focused on social media and its importance. I bet most of us know these tools exist but are ignorant to the fact that it can be used for educational purposes and not just for socializing.

The second half of the session was on behavioral sciences and goal setting. We had an interaction session with our peers through an ice breaker session and we had to mention our first impressions of each other. This is when reality hits you in the face.

How do people look at me? What aura do I give out?

It was an eye opener and a sign of relief for me when lots of people wrote for me as ‘friendly and confident’.  But is that all that I want my impression to be? I know, I’ll have to work further to make it much more than that.

When asked to set my goals in life they came instantly to me as I was so inspired by the amount of knowledge that I had gained all day. I knew I wanted to see myself grow as a confident lady and mentor that I heard this morning. If I were able to make half of the impact Kiran Ma’am has made to the world I would consider myself accomplished in true sense.  I knew I wanted to make a career in this field that has the potential to touch various lives across the globe. I want to fulfill my duties towards the society through my work and additional support that I can offer. I want to be able to manage my career and family. Finally, I want to build a personality like Mrs. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw to be able to have a vision and take on the world, and the challenges & hardships to realize my dream.

I bet you can feel the inspiration through the words. I am inspired, I am confident, I am ready to take up this course and give my 100% and achieve all my goals.





Written by: Prachi Kabra, Biocon- KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences

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