Guest lectures at Biocon Academy have a special significance as they offer something unique going beyond the standard curriculum, and are conducted by Subject matter experts from the industry.

The first guest lecture of Batch 2 conducted by Dr. Prof. Shiva Kumar, from the Institute of Bioinformatics & Applied Biotechnology, offered a fresh perspective on Genetics.

His lecture on ‘The Fundamentals of Genetics and its History and application in Genome Sequencing’ delved into the basics of all research in Biotechnology.

The lecture primarily gave us an overview on the different techniques used for genome sequencing in the Biotech industry. Particularly interesting was the aspect where he outlined the brief history of the discovery of DNA and the onward progress made by the industry since then, through advancements in the understanding of heredity and genetics, to the relevance of understanding the genomes of different organisms and finally about the techniques currently used in DNA sequencing and its application.


It provided a window into the competitive world of technological development that is the source of the large amount of information that we hold today about human existence and also some very exciting and unanswered questions revolving around the same.

I found the lecture extremely inspiring as it made us think more about pure research in the field of molecular biology. Dr. Shivakumar, known in the biotech circles as a research oriented professor, stood true to his reputation as he explained to us in very simple terms the fundamentals of genetics, genomics and DNA sequencing. I especially liked the video at the end of the lecture about how genomics has helped scientists unravel the mysteries behind biology and evolution.”







Written by: Shreya Parekh, Biocon KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences.

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