“It is the choices that define who we really are, far more than our abilities”. Biocon Academy is one such choice that I made, that has led me to believe in this good old adage.

Biocon Academy is a convergence of dreams of aspiring Nobel Laureates, Scientists, Entrepreneurs and what not.

The Academy has a rigorous application process with only 30 candidates making it to the final list. Given this fact, I consider myself to be lucky to have been shortlisted in this premiere Institute. It all started with the application process culminating into an interview CALL one fine day, I confronted my first telephonic interview and managed to clear the selection process. Post this the ‘Admission Letter’ reached me with no adieu, this was a moment of sheer delight for me. The coffee mug imprinted with my name, printed tees and an exclusive tablet device that was part of the Admission Kit further added to my joy.

The soul crushing moment for us at the Academy was when we got the opportunity to interact with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, in the head start inaugural session. It was a moment of pride for all of us, to have one on one session with Ma’am.

The regular sessions kicked off and soon I found myself all set for the much awaited Biocon-KGI certificate program. The day usually started early in the morning with two breath-taking lectures followed by a challenging quiz. The coffee breaks between the sessions allowed us to catch up on everyday chats and much required adrenaline boost to absorb as much as we can from the excellent sessions. The study environment at Biocon Academy is semi-virtual, with heads popping up now and then; and hands flying up in the air evidencing ‘we are yet right here’. We did have a parroting sorting-hat ceremony to club ourselves into groups for the activities ahead. Subsequent to the back to back subject sessions, we would squeeze in time for preparing the presentations followed by the Q&A sessions.

The day has a mid-break with lunch housed in a huge Cafeteria. Here, I got to experience a very unusual thing, we were accompanied by our faculty members who would discuss with us on current affairs, topics covered in the classroom etc. These informal sessions with the faculty members on the Lunch Table really enabled us to open up to them and pose questions without any hesitation. During the latter half of the day, the Biocon Express would shuttle us between the College and Campus. At Biocon facilities we had an exposure to engrossing industrial sessions in departments, including Research and Development, Production, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Sciences.

Biocon Academy offers several modules including Molecular Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Development, Fermentation, Biopharmaceutical Quality Control and Assurance, CMC Regulations of Pharmaceuticals, Mammalian Cell Biotechnology, FDA and Laws and Regulations, Bioseparation Engineering and Science. These modules were conducted by Experts from Industry who acquainted us with the deeper understanding of these topics enabling us to apply the theory to practise in an industrial set-up.
Ahem… Sciences alone does not make a scientist. Icing on the cake, were the well thought psychological artifices being worked on by experts, which aims at sculpting out a perfect individual with professional etiquettes.
Well, well, I will end up hiding pumpkins not mentioning the Ordinary Scientific Level Exams and the Exhaustive Scientific Exams.

The mixed culture of population with a brilliant interplay of naïvetés breaking shells and frolics of artful tact, there exists an inherent harmonic balance in the dynamics of the system.  A place for new hopes and amities, weekend thrills embracing fun events like trekking and evening hangouts, this is a home away from home. The transition from the Campus to Corporate can never be made more smooth and pleasant.To put it in a nut shell, this is an exciting journey in pursuit of knowledgeand a process of self-discovery, making us ponder about the career choices one would want to make in the ever evolving Biotech sector. My inner voice says, I have landed into the world of magic and land of opportunities after the completion of my Biocon-KGI Certificate Program in Applied Biosciences.
Vamanie Perumal
Written by: Vamanie Perumal, Biocon KGI Certificate program in Biosciences 

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