On my first day at the Biocon Academy I took my place at seat allotted and found myself curious regarding our new class. The first thing I noticed was the panel hanging on the wall facing all the students. It was the Biocon Academy’s panel with its motto of – “Adding Value, Enhancing Skills” inscribed on it.

Now after the fifty percent completion of this rigorous training, I find myself questioning whether I as well as my batch mates have really learned new skills and built on the pre-existing repertoire of knowledge? Are we any nearer to fulfilling the motto of the academy or achieving our own objectives for which we joined this certificate course?

On reflection I quickly realized that by ‘Enhancing Skills’ the academy did not necessarily mean skills pertaining to the technical field only. It includes various soft skills like interpersonal skills or even presentation skills. I now know and say confidently on the behalf of the entire batch, that we have not only honed our existing skills but also added new ones– be it technical skills or soft skills. In these two months, apart from enhancing our technical knowledge we have also developed the ability to apply them practically in an industrial set up. Today, with the guidance of expert faculties we are capable of working in a team and delivering projects in the given deadline, simultaneously meeting national and international regulations.


However, in this all-encompassing course, I personally feel that the most important lesson we as a class have learned is the fact that an industry is one team. This insight made us appreciate the fact that an industry functions as one entity. This is because an output of one employee becomes an input for the other employee.As a result, every employee shoulders the responsibility of maintaining the company’s reputation by assuring consistent delivery of quality products. One might now ask how this seemingly unrelated reality of an industry being one unit pertains to the Biocon Academy motto and how does it add value to the industry.The answer is as obvious as the question. No student can become industry ready till he or she is clear of the responsibilities towards his or her industry as a whole.

The best part about the academy is that it does not concentrate only on skill development but also provides with a basic ground work of how to wield those skills so as to derive value out of it. As Stephen R. Covey has rightly said that “To know and not to do is really not to know”. This crucial value addition has armed every student to lay a strong foundation at the commencement of his or her career.

Groomed, moulded and equipped with the arsenal of enhanced skills, the students of Biocon Academy are now primed to embark on the journey of success thereby, adding value to the biopharmaceutical industry.






Written by: Nidhi Parikh, Biocon-KGI Certificate program in Biosciences.

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