Parviz_ShamlouBiocon Academy is dedicated in delivering high quality training module to aspiring biotechnologists. My interaction with the students from all the batches so far has been very enriching as they demonstrate high caliber and possess the desired attitude.

The format of the sessions is far more different from any other sessions that I have conducted in the past. This is an ideal setting for relatively small number of students to have effective discussions. I am very happy to be part of the Biocon Academy and would recommend it to students who wish to build their career in biotech and pharma industry.

My Areas of Expertise: Early-to-Late Phase Bioprocess Development, Proteins & Monoclonal Antibody therapeutics, Viral & Non-Viral Gene therapies, Tissue Engineering, First Principle Modelling and Scale-down of Unit Operations for Accelerated Process Design, Qualification & Validation.
By Parviz Shamlou, Director of Amgen Bioprocessing Center

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