Biocon Academy, a platform to hone your biotechnology skills, an opportunity to be industry ready, is an excellent learning platform for fresh biotechnology graduates who aspire to be great leaders and create a career in bio-pharma industry.

At Biocon Academy, we were taught by industry experts from Biocon and subject matter experts from Keck Graduate Academy, California through an extremely well designed international curriculum. I learnt about the growth of bio-pharma industry from its inception to the present market full of generics, biosimilars and novel drug molecules that are constantly being researched to address the various unmet medical needs spanning across minor and major diseases like oncology and autoimmune diseases.

The curriculum incorporated various team assignments and presentations with deadlines that gave us the opportunity to work closely with our classmates, learn team work and enhance our presentation skills. Under the able guidance of ‘Mr. Easwaran’, ‘Ms. Bindu’ and ‘Ms. Meghana’, the program directors, we learnt about the intricacies of the manufacturing units in the pharma industry, the regulatory guidelines, the importance of Quality and Compliance, the drug discovery  research, the  capability of fermentation technology and the entire upstream and downstream processing pathway in the manufacture of a biopharma drug. We were also taught about Clinical Research and the different phases of a clinical trial required to bring a drug to market along with Pharmacovigilance required once the drug is in the market.

Special sessions on Professional Skill Development which included Time Management, Email Writing, Resume Writing and Mock Interviews prepared us for facing the interviews with much more confidence.

At Biocon Academy, we have been  professionally trained to become an able member of the global pharmaceutical fraternity and finally have been introduced into the pharma workforce in various globally reputed companies across the world.

I am personally extremely delighted to have chosen to study at Biocon Academy, where I got an opportunity to meet and listen to global leaders in the industry as well as think tanks from the academia who inspired me to identify the future course for myself and today I am happy to be a part of the Corporate Communications team at Biocon!







Written by: Aaishwarya Mathur, Batch VI of Biocon KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences 

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