The 16 anticipating hearts were beating in unison as we awaited the arrival of our esteemed guest for the afternoon session. For once we had all forgotten about the piles of papers to be read and exam that was taking place shortly after. The class dwell into a subsiding silence as a familiar eloquent figure appears against the sunlight streaming from the glass windows. After a few moments, our guest walks in steadily and as we grasped in awe we raised as we felt honoured to have been sharing the space with none other than Mrs Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. Our fellow companion, Venella mustered all the confidence and zeal in her as she summoned everyone to warmly welcome Dr Shaw. She was expressing our enthusiasm, excitement and thrill to have been a part of this organization and we could all feel the cocktail of nervousness and excitement she must be getting while addressing Dr Shaw directly.

Shortly after that the star of the day took over podium. She shared with us her vision
behind the Biocon Academy and went on to discuss the importance of training provided in the QCMB course in today’s manufacturing scenario in India. She expressed the vision of the makers of Biocon Academy which is training individuals for not only the betterment of its genesis companies, like Syngene and Biocon itself, but aims to aid the quality benchmark for manufacturing units in India. She walked us through the steady development of quality control unit from a subsidiary in a manufacturing unit to its current state of being the critical department that determines the viability of the product manufactured and hence also the company. She went on to express her concerns about the growing need of quality control in the current Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and the shrinking of new talent pool in this niche. Biocon, a leader in Indian and Asian pharmaceutical industry, provides world class products and manufacturing facility, and who else to learn about quality control but the best. Through Biocon Academy, Biocon is training individual for the entire Biotechnology sector. Time and again Biocon has proved to be a leader in this industry as it is not scavenging talent pool for personal interest but for the whole world. Surely, her words will echo in my heart for a long while, encouraging me to be a part of this tremendous view. She closed the talk by aiming to put manufacturing and Biotech sector in India at the top. She was happy enough to take all our questions and we sealed our memory by taking a group photograph.

Written by: Aishwarya Saxena, Batch 1 of BITS – Biocon Certificate Program in Applied Industrial Microbiology 

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