Meghana JoshiThe Biocon-KGI program is a one-of-a-kind training program and a very valuable opportunity for students in India. The program includes virtual online classroom sessions and afternoon practical sessions that complement the coursework arranged at companies such as Biocon and other institutes. It’s a significant step towards ‘experiential learning’, a model we follow at Keck Graduate Institute. The students immediately apply what they learn in the classroom to their afternoon practical sessions and to classroom projects.

When I interview the students to admit them into the Biocon-KGI program, they typically are not aware of the workings of the industry. Also they want to know if what they have learned in college will be useful in the industry and how they can apply their knowledge. In just 4 months, the students learn the workings of the entire process from R & D to getting a drug to market. This program trains them in areas of Regulatory Affairs, Quality and Production most of which are new to students but very essential to be ‘industry-ready’.

I think the Biocon Academy students will prove to be a different breed of leaders in the Indian Life Sciences industry. It has been a great experience teaching in the program. The classes include team projects and presentations in addition to exams, quizzes and reports and the students really enjoy working in teams on the projects and then presenting them in class. In addition to the technical content, they learn to manage the dynamics of working on a team and many other soft skills which will prove essential for their career.

Written by Meghana Joshi, Program Director, KGI

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